Ash Wood For Smoking: (Chips & Chunks)

Ash Wood For Smoking

As a smoker, you without a doubt already know that you have an abundance of options when it comes to wood. You have everything from applewood to hickory. While these might be some of the most popular currently available on the market, there are no doubt tons of other options that can be just as satisfying.

In fact, all it takes to find that right wood is a little bit of experimenting and research. Some individuals prefer that intense smokey flavor, while others opt for something a little lighter.

Whatever the situation is, there are plenty of viable options out there. And, it is possible that ash is the exact right wood for you.

This article is going to look at ash as a wood and what it has to offer smokers from around the world.

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The Characteristics Of Ash

Ash might be a popular choice for firewood, but it does have some distinctive characteristics that one would think would deter people from using it for this very purpose. It could be these very reasons that ash might not be the right wood for smoking meats either. However, this does not mean that the wood doesn’t possess qualities that are good for smoking.

It just means that it does have some characteristics that make using the wood questionable. To start out, it doesn’t produce the BTUs as other smoking woods like oak or hickory. Along with this, the wood burns extremely fast.

What exactly does this mean? It means if you are going to be smoking a big meal, you are going to need a lot of wood on hand. For instance, if you were going to smoke an entire brisket, you might be at least a cord of wood or more.

The Flavor Profile

Despite the characteristics of the wood, it does possess a flavor profile unlike anything else that you’ll find available on the market. It might be an extremely mild and light flavor, but it is one that is completely unique. In fact, this is one of the reasons that ash is the best wood to start smoking with.

If you aren’t sure if you even like smoked meats or just want to test the waters, you’ll want to start with something that offers a light smokey profile like ash.

This is without a doubt the best place to start, but remember that it is completely unique, so it won’t offer near the same flavor profile as other smoking woods.

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