Can Guinea Pigs Eat Paper: [Answered Here]

As an owner of a guinea pig, there is a good chance that you’ll find your animal eating a lot of strange things. You have to go above and beyond to keep the cage clean so it doesn’t eat something dangerous.

For instance, your guinea pig may eat the paper you’ve laid in the cage. You might want to use the paper to make it easier to keep the cage clean. If the animal begins eating the paper, you’ll want to act quickly. So, can guinea pigs eat paper? 

No, you should never let your guinea pig eat paper. Eating paper can be very problematic. If you let your guinea pig eat paper, there is a risk that he is going to experience constipation or gastrointestinal blockage. This could lead to bigger problems.

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Why Do They Eat Paper

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Paper

What causes guinea pigs to eat paper? Ultimately, there are various reasons for a guinea pig to eat paper. In some cases, it is going to eat paper because it is trying to wear down its teeth. Other times, the animal may be bored.

If this is the case, you’ll want to find ways to keep your pet entertained. You can buy an array of guinea pig toys and they’ll prove to be very helpful. Throw one or two in your pig’s cage and he’ll have a great time.

Finally, you should know that guinea pigs may eat paper when they’re hungry.

If you suspect that your pig is eating paper because he is hungry, you need to change his diet immediately. Make sure that he has access to sufficient hay each day. It might be eating paper trying to get more fiber.

This further complicates things because the paper is not going to eliminate the deficiency. So, you’ll want to give him foods that contain more fiber.

What It Does To Them

What will paper do to your guinea pig once it has been swallowed? Sadly, it is going to create a major issue. The paper is not going to provide the animal with any nutrients. Furthermore, it is going to get stuck in the animal’s stuck.

If she has been eating large amounts of paper, it may cause the guinea pig to get stopped up. Again, this could lead to a gastrointestinal blockage and constipation. If you don’t want your cute friend to get sick, you should try to prevent him from eating too much paper.


While guinea pigs can eat small amounts of paper, you have to keep a close eye on them. Too much paper will lead to major issues. With that being said, you should remove sources of paper from your guinea pig’s cage and provide them with a sufficient amount of hay instead.

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