Chainsaw Brands: [Top 2 Brands In USA]

Chainsaw Brands 

Owning a fireplace can be a truly marvelous experience. While it can provide a hotter type of heat and save you a killing on your electric bill, there are some downsides to owning one. First, you’ll likely have to find a source for your wood. You can either choose to buy the wood from a store or vendor, but at the end of the day, this really eliminates one of the biggest advantages of owning a fireplace in the first place.

If you are going to own your own fireplace the best option is without a doubt to procure your own wood. This is not on a more rewarding experience, but it won’t likely cost you as much in the long run. Of course, in order to do this, you’ll likely need the assistance of a chainsaw and some other tools.

Not just any chainsaw though, but a reliable one that will stand up through years and years of abuse. While there are tons of quality providers currently available on the market, not all of them are created equally. Some focus on certain areas, whereas others place more attention in other areas.

Whatever the situation is, you’ll want to know what each specific brand has to offer before you make this costly investment because chainsaws are by no means cheap and they are an investment.

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A Look At The Past Of Chainsaws

Did you know that prior to the 1930s if you want to cut timber, you’d have to do so by hand? Could you imagine cutting a big oak or ash tree down by hand? Hand chopping the smaller pieces are hard enough, but trying to handsaw through one of these massive and tough trees would be a challenge in of itself. It would likely take you days.

Chainsaws were around as early as the mid-1900s, but they weren’t very practical. They were large, bulky, and extremely dangerous to say the least. In fact, go look one up and you’ll see right away that they look nothing like the modern chainsaw.

Today it is not uncommon to find a chainsaw on a building site, farm, or even in the sheds of most homeowners. This is because they have become extremely portable, accessible, and versatile. They are not only used for cutting firewood, but they can be used to chew through any kind of wood structure.

Need to relocate a porch? Got a woodshed that needs to come down in a hurry? No problem, grab the chainsaw and you’ll have the feat accomplished in little to no time. In today’s time, there are two types of main models available, although there are tons of different makes and manufacturers.

These two main distinctive models would be the electrical powered chainsaws and the gas-powered chainsaws. They both operate under similar premises, but the obvious and biggest difference between the two is how they are fed power. Electric chainsaws obviously require you to be near an outlet with an extension cord of some sort, and as you’ve probably already summarized, these aren’t the most powerful in the world.

The gas-powered saw is not only more portable, but it is more powerful and versatile. It will likely require more upkeep, but it is worth the extra pay off if you plan on owning supplying firewood yourself.

The Best Chainsaw Manufacturers Today

You can do a search of the best chainsaw brand and you’ll likely get Husqvarna Chainsaws and Stihl Chainsaws 90% of the time. New users are always asking themselves which is better amongst the two, but the real truth of the matter is, you can’t go wrong with either brand. However, it may come down to your specific needs.

You might be planning on using the chainsaw for some tasks that the Stihl can accomplish better. Or, maybe you need some of the features that the Husqvarna specializes in.

Husqvarna Chainsaws

Husqvarna got their start in the late 1680s. However, it was not chainsaws that they were specializing in at the time. No, they were making muskets for the Swedish Army. It wasn’t until later that they migrated into the outdoor power tool world. Despite being a Swedish company, they are one of the leading chainsaw manufacturers in the United States as well as some other countries.

Husqvarna offers chainsaws for jobs of all sizes, but it is the more powerful ones that are more ergonomically designed. They’ll allow you to work with extreme comfort and control for longer periods. They are probably also one of the economical brands currently available as well.

Some of the stand out features that can be found on many, but not all Husqvarna Chainsaws are the air injection, the automatic oiler, the chain brake, fueling marks, low vibe, side-mounted tensioners, and X-Torq. The air injection system was specifically designed to keep the saw cleaner for longer periods of time by blocking large particles from ever reaching the filter.

The automatic oiler will always keep the saw running smoothly and efficiently with little effort from you, while the chain brake will offer the utmost in safety, as it stops the blade movement as soon as you release the trigger.

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Stihl Chainsaws

This is the world’s best selling brand of chainsaws in the United States and this is probably because they make their own chains and guide bars as well. In fact, they are the only manufacturer to do this. This is a huge benefit for the consumer because it’ll give you the confidence to know that you won’t have any problems with sizing and fitting the accessories.

They got their start in the late mid-1920s and was the first company to produce an electric model. They offer models, brands, and features that’ll help you tackle any job from small to large.

They produce many models with many features, but some of the most standouts are they intelicarb compensating carburetor. This is obviously for the gas-powered models and measures air on the clean side of the air filter while also making pertinent adjustments. The purpose of this is to always keep the RPMs at an acceptable level, even when the filter begins to clog.

Speaking of filters, they have some of the most innovative filter designs on the market that will help you keep your saw cleaner for longer periods. Some models are virtually maintenance-free in these aspects. A lot of their gas models will also feature mechanisms like the purge pump primer.

This is something that makes it nearly impossible to flood the saw, making for a quick and easy start every time, even during the harshest of weather conditions.


You can see that there are a lot of chainsaws. You might have thought you knew a thing or two about these devices, but there is more than meets the eye to many of these devices and manufacturers. This is especially true as technology continues to grow and increase. As it does, manufacturers can offer more and more in-depth and complex features such as the automatic bar and chain oiler that eliminates the need to constantly check and monitor the chain oil.

Manufacturers like Stihl and Husqvarna can now also offer more durable and stronger chainsaws that weigh less thanks to the invention of high-tech polymer housings. These models will not only withstand more of an impact, but they’ll offer resistance against rust and corrosion, whereas other models didn’t.

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