Cherry Firewood [Everything You Need To Know About It]

Cherry Firewood [Everything You Need To Know About It]

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Cherry Firewood

Ever wonder if it’s alright to burn cherry in your fireplace or woodstove? You’ll find out everything you need to know in this article about cherry.

Cherry trees around my area are plentiful, but sadly, most are dead. Because of that, I wondered if they safe to burn.

So instead of throwing a few pieces in the fireplace and hope my house doesn’t burn down, I did a lot of research on burning cherry and below I’ll share my findings.

Is Cherry Good Firewood?

Yep! Cherry has a very nice smell to it when being burned. It’s a preferred wood to burn of a lot of people I read about online.

The one negative about burning in an open fireplace is that it “pops” or sparks a lot. A fireplace screen would be a good idea when using cherry for heating your home.

You may wonder about the different kinds of cherry trees and how they’ll burn. Best way to find out is to make sure its seasoned and go ahead and burn it and decide for yourself.

There no other safety issues other than the before mentioned popping.

One thing I have noticed about burning cherry is it doesn’t last as long in the fire as oak or ash. It’s not the best for burning overnight. But during the time your awake, it’s great to have.

Splitting Cherry Firewood

If the round of wood is too big for your fireplace or woodstove, it’s gotta be split right? Well, have no fear of splitting bigger cherry rounds. It’s best to split it when it’s dry or seasoned.

They’re not as dense as hardwoods and split relatively easy compared to them.

Some types of cherry can be “stringy” that can be a pain in you know what. Just keep a sharp hatchet around and you can chop the pieces holding up your progress.

That’s how I do it. I don’t believe in hydraulic log splitters, but that’s just me.

If you’re new to splitting wood, I wrote a helpful guide on how to do it. You can check it out here, How to split wood by hand

 Seasoning Cherry Firewood

You got your tree cut and split and hopefully stacked off the ground (best practice for drying any firewood) and now you’re wondering how long it must sit till you can safely burn it and reap the rewards of your work.

If you’re in a hurry to burn it, then let it sit 6-8 months and you should be fine. If you want to get the maximum amount of heat from it, let it sit a year and you’ll be glad you did, trust me.

If you want some tips on seasoning your firewood, check out my guide on how I do it. How to dry wet firewood


So, there you have it! that’s pretty much all you need to know to go forward on burning cherry.

Some other tips I can give you is to stack it on pallets or something that’ll keep the wood off the ground, because wood that sits on the ground sucks up the moisture from the ground, and put it where the sun and the wind can hit it.

It’ll dry a lot faster that way.

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