Do Chipmunks Eat Mice: [Answered Here]

That’s a really good question, do they or don’t they eat mice, well they do in fact,  even though they are both rodents. The chipmunk hunts for defenseless small creatures that are already dead including mice.

If it comes down to water and food being scarce the chipmunk will eat an adult mouse, mice carry diseases and parasites that harm house pets but it doesn’t affect a chipmunk.

Chipmunks are omnivores which means that they eat plants and other animals but they mostly eat plant matter such as berries, seeds, nuts, grains.

When it comes to eating animals they like baby birds, frogs and birds eggs. They also gorge rats when they are really hungry which is an interesting fact.

When things become on the scarce side chipmunks will eat other chipmunks if it comes down to it, a chipmunks self – preservation drive kicks in and forces them to eat anything that they can get their little hands on at that time.

Are Chipmunks Bad To Have Around Your House

With all honesty it is bad if these little critters get into your home cause they will eat your plants as they look for fruit and nuts. But their burrowing can lead to problems such as structural damage to your foundations, sidewalks and stairs.

One of the most important things is they carry bacterial diseases, fleas and the plague which can negatively affect you and your house pets.

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Toppling The Chipmunk Empire

Eliminating chipmunks is up to the person that has that kind of situation. But, keep in mind,  there regulations that you have to follow depending on the state you are living in. Their are two different types of traps that can be used…..

  • Humane Traps:  With this particular trap its mess free and is the most ethical way to keep these little critters away. You may also choose to use a live trap which has spring loaded doors to catch the chipmunk.  Since chipmunks are similar in size to a rat so if you wanted to you can use a rat trap to.
  • Snap traps:   these traps are simple to use but just like anything else it requires some clean up and is best to clean it up in a good amount of time cause you don’t want other unwanted animals entering your home.


Lets put everything together we learned that chipmunks can eat baby mice along with other variety of foods. There are two ways of getting rid of chipmunks one is the humane trap and second the snap trap you can also try to use a rat trap if you prefer that instead .

Chipmunks are very unique little creatures and always curious on finding a source of food. Try not to eliminate the chipmunk if you see it in your house try to capture it and release it back outside.

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