Do They Make A Left-Handed Chainsaw

Chainsaws are one tool that everyone should have in their toolkit, whether you are a professional lumberjack or just a homeowner. But chainsaws can be difficult to use if you are left-handed.

Do They Make a Left-Handed Chainsaw? is an article about how to make sure that you are able to operate a chainsaw safely and effectively no matter which hand you use.

We will discuss the different types of chainsaws and which one is best for left-handed users.

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Do They Make A Left-Handed Chainsaw

Yes, they make a left-handed chainsaw! This type of saw is designed for people who are left-handed so that they can use it more easily and safely. It is important to note that not all chainsaws are made to be used by both right and left-handed people, so it is important to check before purchasing one.

Left-handed chainsaws are typically designed with the chain on the right side of the blade, which makes it easier for lefties to see what they are doing while cutting.

The handle is also usually positioned in a way that is more comfortable for lefties to use. Some models also have a guard that helps protect the user’s hand from getting cut by the chain.

If you are looking for a chainsaw that is specifically designed for lefties, then you should check out some of the different models that are available. There are a few different brands that make them, so you should be able to find one that meets your needs.

Who Makes Left Handed Chainsaws

If you’re looking for a left handed chainsaw, you’re in luck! There are two major brands that make left handed chainsaws – Stihl and Husqvarna. Both of these brands are well-known for their high quality chainsaws, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a good product no matter which one you choose.

Stihl is the world’s largest selling brand of chainsaws, so it’s no surprise that they offer a left handed model. The Stihl MS 180 C-BE is a great choice for anyone looking for a powerful and reliable chainsaw.

It features a low-emission engine, making it eco-friendly, and it has an automatic chain oiler to keep your chain lubricated while you’re working.

Husqvarna is another excellent choice when it comes to left handed chainsaws. The Husqvarna 240 is a popular model that offers a variety of features that will make your sawing experience much easier.

It has an X-Torq engine that reduces emissions and fuel consumption, and it also has a Smart Start system that makes starting the saw much easier.


Yes, they do make left-handed chainsaws! Stihl and Husqvarna are two brands that make left-handed chainsaws. This is great news for lefties who love to do some DIY work around the house or yard.

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