Log Lifter: The Best Logging Jack (Log Jack)

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What is a log lifter

Log Lifter, aka log jack or timber jack, is a tool used for lifting felled trees off the ground in order to make it easier for cutting.

Lifting huge down trees on your own can be dangerous. If you don’t elevate the log high enough when you cut it, your chainsaw chain can hit the ground and instantly dull up if you’re not careful. Bringing the wood up to a more comfortable height will also minimize any back strain and save time.

Basically, a log lifter will make your job easier and will keep your chainsaw chain clean when cutting through logs

.The best log lifter is made by Woodchuck, you can buy it on Amazon here, Woodchuck Log Lifter.

Another tool you might want to check out is a hookaroon, it’ll help save your back when picking up firewood pieces. I wrote about them here, Hookaroon.

Woodchuck Timberjack log lifter

The Woodchuck Timberjack Log Lifter is a log lifting and rolling tool all rolled into one. It gives you a nice elevation to help the chainsaw stay clear of the ground and allow the saw to run through the log freely without binding.

Body structure:

This Timberjack log lifter is made fully out of metal with a powder coated stainless steel and aircraft aluminum. The metallic structure is ideal for lifting and moving heavy logs.

The aircraft aluminum material also makes it relatively lighter than most metallic log lifters so that you can carry it for long distances without tiring out.

It has two extruded aluminum feet instead of one. Having an extra foot is always a plus point because it gives you the added advantage of preventing the handle from digging into the ground or even your hands when you jack up a log.


The handle is made of thick-walled aluminum. At 48 inches, the length is pretty standard for log lifters.

I personally find that a tool with metal or synthetic handle almost always performs better than wood because wooden handles tend to break a lot easier.

Having said that, if you prefer a more rustic and natural looking tool, a wooden handle would be more appropriate.

Log Opening Diameter:

The biggest advantage to this tool is that it has a 20 inch (50.8 cm) diameter log capacity. Most log jacks available in the market are not designed to support very large logs because homeowners usually don’t have such big trees to cut.

Another thing that a lot of people overlook is its minimum log diameter capacity. It can grip logs that are as small as 6 inches (15.2 cm) in diameter. This is very convenient because it eliminates the need for you to buy two log lifters.

Working purpose:

It is probably one of the sturdiest household log lifters available in the market right now.

The vast advantage to this tool is that the material used to construct it is pretty rugged. It can take a beating and will not rust even if you leave it at the back of a truck or in the rain or even when you use it in wet woods.


This log lifter is expensive. It costs two times more than any other log lifters I have purchased in this category. But it’s worth twice the price considering it is sturdier than most others.


Most sellers claim it offers a lifetime warranty but this is only partly true. The lifetime warranty is only for the handle. The warranty limit for the remaining parts of the body is 5 years. This is fair enough because usually, it’s the handle that takes the beating.


  • 6 inch (15.2 cm) – 20 inch (50 cm) log diameter capacity
  • Dual feet sturdy aluminum design to keep the handle from digging into the ground
  • Handle: 48” long, 1.5” diameter and 1/4” thickness
  • 6061 aluminum handle and feet
  • Construction: powder coated steel, Aircraft aluminum with stainless steel hardware
  • All parts are made and assembled in the USA by Woodchuck Tool Inc.


  • Extended and hollow handle supplies leverage without bending or breaking
  • Keeps chain sharp longer by preventing contact with the ground
  • Big feet that prevent heavy logs from pushing the Timberjack into the dirt
  • 48-inch long handle protects hands and adds leverage
  • Aluminum built makes tool rust free
  • Works well even on uneven terrain
  • Speeds up cutting
  • Strong grip
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Does not give much elevation
  • Does not work as well on soft, muddy ground
  • Aluminum feet can keep shifting if not positioned properly
  • Relatively expensive

How to use

It works pretty straightforward. The instructions are attached to the handle, so assembling it is easy. You just open it up, grab a log, roll it back, set it down and start cutting.

One thing I do recommend is to stay on the side of the handle when cutting so that if the log lets go, the handle will stop it from rolling towards you.

Log Jack

I have used it in dirt and rocky terrain with no issues. The product says it has a 20 diameter log capacity but I have rolled up to 26-inch diameter logs and it still doesn’t faze it a bit. With such solid construction and engineering, it’s virtually indestructible. You can buy it on Amazon here, Woodchuck Log Lifter.


If you cut a lot of logs in your daily life like me, don’t let the price tag hold you back. I’ve learned it the hard way that buying cheap doesn’t always save you money especially in the case of log lifters. Most of them bend or snap the first time around. Woodchuck only makes logging tools, and they sure know what they are doing. And it shows it with this tool.


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