Mold On Firewood

Mold On Firewood [#1 Reason Why]

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Mold On Firewood

Got mold on your firewood? It happens. Everybody I know who burns wood in some way or fashion gets mold on their firewood. And it got me to wonder why this happens and if it’s ok to burn (I always burned it anyway. I figure, I worked to cut it, split and stack it, I’m going to burn it). So, I did some research online to see what others say about this and finally, answering some of my own questions about it and hopefully yours too. So, let’s get to it!

What Causes Firewood To Mold?

The cause is no surprise really. Mold grows on the wood because of moisture in the wood and not enough sunlight and air hitting it when it’s stacked. The obvious solution to that problem is to move your firewood stack to somewhere where the sun can hit it and also the wind. Not to mention it’ll season faster and burn cleaner, which is a plus.

It’s important to know that mold is a common and important part of mother nature. It breaks down organic matter, like leaves, bark, twigs and of course, our firewood, among other things. So, keep in mind next time your stacking firewood to make sure it gets sun and that the wind can hit. Keep your wood off the ground also, wood absorbs moisture from the ground and begins to mold and rot.

I wrote an article about seasoning firewood, if you want, you can check it here. How To Dry Wet Firewood.

Can You Burn Moldy Firewood?

The obvious question now is, can you burn it? And the answer is yes. But there are some things to keep in mind before you burn it. Don’t keep moldy firewood in your home because that’ll give the mold spores a chance to get airborne. And if you or somebody you live with has asthma they could be very sensitive to it and plus it’s probably not the best idea to be breathing that stuff in any way.

Your pets also could be affected by mold spores in the air. Just another reason not to stack it in the house.

It’s best if you are going to burn it to put it right in the fireplace or woodstove right away upon bringing it inside. That way all the trouble can be avoided. The mold spores and smoke will go up the chimney and not in your lungs and not in your family’s or pets.


In closing, you can burn moldy firewood. Just don’t bring it inside the home. Too many health risks involved for it to make it worth it. Also, always wash your hands after handling moldy firewood or wear gloves. Why chance it? right?


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