Stihl Farm Boss VS Husqvarna Rancher [Comparison Article]

Stihl Farm Boss VS Husqvarna Rancher

The main difference between the Stihl farm boss and the Husqvarna rancher is the power and torque. Stihl chainsaws deliver more torque, whereas Husqvarna chainsaws are known for faster cutting.

The 290 is a well built saw for what it is. I’ve also seen 455’s stand up to heavy use pretty well.

The filtration on the 455 is far better than the 290 as well.

If you can stretch you budget check out the Husky 359, it’s a pro saw at a great price point.

For Stihl, this would be the Farm Boss line and for Husqvarna, this would be the Rancher line. There is no denying that they are both great lines, but which is the best?

How do they stand up against each other?

A Bit On The Companies

Before you just jump right into the products and start comparing them, it is best to understand a bit about the companies.

After all, when you buy a product, you are buying more than just the product. You are buying the name that goes along with it.

This is extremely important when it comes to a product like a chainsaw because this is an investment that you’ll use time and time again.

It’ll take tremendous amounts of abuse and you’ll likely need to repair parts and maybe even make warranty complaints.

Husqvarna: Husqvarna is a Swedish company that has been in business since the late 1680s.

They just keep expanding and are currently in over 100 different countries.

You’ll find that their main focus as of right now is in the chainsaw industry.

They currently offer several high-quality saws and relevant products that are backed with innovative technologies, a friendly design and a stellar reputation to match.

Stihl: Stihl, on the other hand, is a German company that got its start way back in the mid-1920s.

Since their introduction into the market, they have easily grown to be one of the most well-reputed chainsaw manufacturers out there.

They are the very first company that released the handheld electric-corded chainsaw. Apart from chainsaws, the company also offers guiding bars and chains.

What The Pros Say

When choosing a chainsaw there are tons of things that have to be weighed and considered.

It also comes down to your experience and knowledge.

When talking about certain features and aspects would you even truly understand what one was talking about? Just how in-depth is your knowledge.

That being said, this is why most people prefer a professional opinion on the matter.

You can poll any number of experts you want on the matter and you’ll get different answers and statements every time as to which manufacturer is better.

However, the most common response that you’ll get is that Stihl products deliver more torque, whereas Husqvarna products deliver faster cutting.

A Quick Comparison

You can easily look at the Farm Boss and Rancher models and you’ll easily see right away that they both lack some advanced technical features.

They are after all not commercial models, but in this regard, they do share some similarities.

To start out, you’ll see that both models have a lower vibration with the handle for easy operation.

There is also a chain brake for safety, but where both are lacking is in the tensioning.

Neither model offers straight-chain tensioning.

Both on a positive note, both do include a specific bar and chain to confront the kickback.

In addition to this, there is a trigger knockout that will prevent accidental engagement.

Both models also feature a side accessible chain tensioning system that allows you to easily and quickly adjust the tension on the chain when you are working.

The chain and bar measure to right around the same, but each comes with a different weight.

However, the difference is so slight that it would be hardly noticeable.

The Stihl Farm Boss

Stihl Farm Boss VS Husqvarna Rancher

The Stihl Farm Boss is powered by a powerful 50.2cc motor that is capable of cranking out right around 3.5bhp.

This line can come available with chain lengths of anywhere from sixteen-inch to twenty-inch, depending on your specific desires and needs.

If you need to do light overhead trimming or work, you’ll probably just be able to get away with one of the smaller models.

However, if you are looking to tackle more commercial-based work, you’ll certainly want to go with the twenty-inch model.

One of the most underrated components of a chainsaw is the gas tanks.

This is a component that’ll come in extremely handy when you find yourself out there on longer jobs.

The Farm Boss offers a gas tank that is capable of holding 16.90 ounces and an oil capacity of 8.12 ounces.

There is also a built-in pre-separation filtering process that comes along with this line of chainsaws that makes maintenance non-existent.

The filter will remain cleaner for longer periods of time, boosting the overall life and efficiency of the device.

The Husqvarna Rancher

The Husqvarna is powered by a similar 50cc motor and offers right around the same 3.2hp.

However, one noticeable difference that should be made right away if the X-Torq design.

The Rancher line of chainsaws features Husqvarna’s patented X-Torq designOpens in a new tab., which means that it reduces emission level and offers a much greater fuel efficiency, which is a good thing considering that this model only offers 14.88 ounces of capacity.

That being said, the Rancher does hold more oil with a capacity of 11.2 as compared to the 8.12 on the Stihl.

Maintenance won’t be much of a problem with this model either thanks to the centrifugal air system that eliminates much of the debris from the air intake before it even has a chance to make it to the filter.

Combine this with the Smart Start technology, and you are looking at a clear winner when it comes to starting.

This technology helps reduce starter chord resistance by as much as 40 percent.

This line only comes available in 20 to 24-inch bars, so you’ll likely only want to invest if you are looking to do higher-end work.

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