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Stihl MS 311 vs Husqvarna 460

Comparing the Stihl MS 311 and Husqvarna 460 is like comparing apples to oranges. They are both chainsaws, but they are designed for different purposes.

Stihl ms 311 vs Husqvarna 460

The Stihl MS 311 is a light-duty saw that is ideal for general home use, while the Husqvarna 460 is a heavy-duty saw that is designed for professional use.

The Stihl MS 311 has a 16-inch bar and weighs just over 10 pounds, making it easy to maneuver. It also has a lower power output, at 2.6 horsepower, which makes it less likely to kick back.

The Husqvarna 460, on the other hand, has a 20-inch bar and weighs almost 16 pounds. It has a higher power output, at 3.7 horsepower, which makes it better suited for tougher jobs.

In addition, the Husqvarna 460 has an Autotune feature that automatically adjusts the carburetor for optimal performance.

The Stihl 311 is a professional-grade chainsaw with a two-stroke engine. It has 59 cc, making it one of the larger saws in the Stihl lineup.

Its power and size make it well-suited for felling large trees, cutting firewood, and other heavy-duty tasks.

The 311 also features an advanced anti-vibration system that helps reduce operator fatigue, making it a good choice for extended use.

The husky 460 rancher has a displacement of 60.3 cc. This means that the engine is able to move 60.3 cubic centimeters of volume in a single rotation.

The engine is also able to produce 2.2 horsepower, which is perfect for light-duty work such as trimming bushes or shaving down a lawn.

If you’re looking for a versatile tool that can handle a variety of tasks, the husky 460 rancher is a great option.

The Husqvarna 460 is a powerful chainsaw that is designed for felling large trees. It has a 20-inch cutting bar and can handle logs up to 60 cm in diameter.
Despite its power, the Husqvarna 460 is surprisingly lightweight, weighing just 12.8 without the bar and chain.
This makes it easy to carry and maneuver, even when working with larger logs. In addition, the saw’s low weight contributes to its impressive power-to-weight ratio, making it one of the most efficient chainsaws on the market.
No matter what your needs are, the Husqvarna 460 is a great choice for anyone who wants a high-performance chainsaw that is also easy to use.

The Stihl MS 311 comes standard with a 20″ body, although a 16″ bar is also available. The saw accepts bars from 12″-20″ and can use .325″ or 3/8″ pitch chain.

For the MS 311, Stihl recommends using its RS chain, which is available in both .325″ and 3/8″ pitch. The RS chain is a low-kickback chain that is designed for use with Stihl’s Rocket hard-nosed bars.

This saw can also use Stihl’s RM2 or RM3 rapid micro chains, which are available in .325″ pitch only.

These chains are designed for use with Stihl’s Picco micro low-kickback bars and offer a fast cutting speed and excellent cutting performance.

How Do You Adjust The Oiler On a Stihl MS 311

The oil adjuster on a Stihl MS 311 is located on the bottom of the chainsaw. Turning this screw will adjust the oil feed rate. To increase the amount of oil being fed to the chain, turn the screw clockwise.

To decrease the amount of oil being fed, turn the screw counterclockwise. As with most things related to chainsaws, it is best to err on the side of too much oil rather than too little.

Too much oil will simply cause the chain to throw off excess oil, while too little oil can damage both the chain and the bar.

Fortunately, it is easy to adjust the oil feed rate on a Stihl MS 311, so you can quickly find the sweet spot for your particular saw.

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