What Attracts Mice: [Top 4 Things]

What attracts mice? On the very basics of levels, mice have the same needs as most humans. They need shelter, food, and comfort. Wouldn’t you agree that these are all things that you need to survive?  Of course, they are, and if you have these things at your disposal, you’ll take the opportunity the make yourself comfortable around them. Well, a mouse will do the same thing.

What’s even more troubling is that the mouse is extremely quiet and has a low appetite. He could thrive in certain environments and you’d likely never know he was on the premises until major damage was done.

And, when it comes to mice, you can expect major damage.

While these creatures are quite and don’t consume a whole lot of food, they are certainly not low-maintenance guests. They’ll get inside your walls, chew on electrical wires, contaminate food, potentially spread disease, and leave feces everywhere.

This is just to mention a few of the problems that they’ll cause. There are more!

This is why it is pertinent to understand what attracts mice. Knowing what attracts these creatures will allow you to remove comforts for them. Remember, if they aren’t comfortable in a place, they aren’t going to want to stay.

They are much like the human in that respect.

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Proper Heating

Heating is essential for the human, and it is essential for the mouse as well. This is especially true during those last fall months when the weather is just starting to turn.

This is when they’ll start seeking warmth. You might be surprised to hear it, but a mouse will detect the warmth of a building through wall openings.

In fact, they’ll use these openings as an invitation to invite themselves right into your home. This is where you’ll obviously want to start. You’ll want to find and eliminate any wall openings that a mouse could get through from the outside of the home.

These holes usually lead into the attic or cellar, and from there, the mouse will make his way inside your home.

Hot water heaters are other popular attractions for these critters. These heaters are usually installed in obscure locations where you do go on a daily basis and can provide plenty of warmth.

This will be one of the first locations that you’ll want to scout for mice. Inspect the area for droppings or just go ahead and start placing humane traps. Either way, you’ll be doing yourself some justice.


What Attracts Mice

If heat is the first thing that a mouse seeks then food is obviously going to be the second. While they don’t need much, they do have to have a certain amount to stay alive. That being said, this creature cannot resist the allure of food.

They might be able to get away without eating a lot, but if they can smell it or sense it, you bet that they will be driven to it.

This could include anything from a freshly cooked meal to food debris, or leftovers. This is why mice are so problematic in the food industry. All that extra food gets disposed of in the garbage outside, where it is usually readily available to the mouse.

You can do your research and you’ll find that mice are classified as omnivores. This means they can survive by eating both plants and meats. However, if they had their choice, they would opt for grains, seeds, and fruits.

These are among their favorites along with anything else that is high in carbohydrates.

Other than this, they aren’t extremely picky and can live on as little as an ounce of food and water a day. So, you can see that it doesn’t take much.

While most mice will prefer food, delectable kitchen treats aren’t the only things they’ll go after. You learned earlier that they’ll also go after electrical wiring. Well, you can add paper and cardboard to that list as well. For some reason, all of these things make appealing snacks.

Messy Conditions

There is nothing more a mouse loves than a messy or cluttered area. This is because they love to nest and burrow. The more junk, the better for them. Not only this, but it provides warmth and excellent coverage from predators.

They’ll also bring more clutter and mess along with them, so what you have will only build if a mouse moves in. And, this will only start a snowball effect until you are left with a major mess that’ll take a professional cleaning or removal.

Some of the most common areas for these cluttered areas in the residential sector are garages, attics, closets, and other small storage spaces. Stacked firewood can also be a major attractor, so this is something you’ll want to be extremely careful with.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid storing it directly on the floor or against a wall.

Trying getting some kind of organizer you can place it on or build something that elevates it off the ground.

Commercial properties are certainly not impervious to mice either. If anything, they might be more of an attraction. Frequented areas are usually compactor and trash rooms.

Once again, these areas offer warmth and shelter along with good eats. Storage areas will also be a major problem as they’ll likely more even more clutter in these areas than in any residential setting.

Other Cracks And Openings

If you look around your home you’ll likely find a window, screen door, or piece of concrete that offers an open invitation to the mouse. Heck, it offers an open invitation to a whole handful of creatures that you don’t want to even know about.

However, the important thing here is tending to these areas as quickly as possible.

Wall cracks, foundation leaks, holes in vents, separated brick or concrete, or anything that offers an opening to inside the home will need to be filled in. No matter how small! You’d be surprised at some of the places mice can squeeze through.


You can clearly see that there are a number of things that can attract mice, but there are also a number of things that you can do to prevent them. Your best course of action is to start looking for signs of an infestation. Knowing if you are, in fact, dealing with an infestation is the first part of the battle.

Your problem might be with the storage area. It might be with cracking and opening in the foundation. Maybe it is food disposal on the outside of the home that is attracting these creatures. Whatever it is, you’ll want to get it cleared up immediately.

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