What Is Burl Wood- Definition, Uses, Value & How To Find

There are plenty of types of wood. Just remember that not all of them are equal. This is definitely the case if you’re going to be using the wood as firewood. Burlwood is pretty weird and very rare.

If you consider yourself an outdoorsman, there is a pretty good chance that you’ve heard about burl wood at some point or another. The kicker is that it is not necessarily a type of tree.

So, what is burl wood? Burl wood is not actually a wood. It is a type of extraneous growth found on the tree. It might appear ugly on the outside. It is caused by hormones that have been disrupted. This causes the wood to develop weird swirls and lumps.

It is entirely possible for burl wood to grow on any type of tree out there. It is possible for the burl to be created by various methods. For instance, it might be created by a fungal infection, virus or even an injury. Remember that each piece of burl wood is going to be different. It is impossible to find burl wood that is going to be identical to each other.

How To Find Burl Wood

There are several ways to find burl wood. One way is, you can head out into the forest. You just need to look for damp areas. As long as you find trees, there is a real possibility that you’re going to find burls. They can be caused by broken limbs and many other things.

In general, they’re considered scars for the tree. If you cannot find burl wood on your own, you’ll want to try shopping online.

Just remember that this is not a good option for people who want to buy wood in bulk. You’re only going to get a few pieces. If you want to buy burl wood in bulk, you should put an ad online or in the local newspaper. You can even get in touch with the local tree trimming services in your area.

Before using burl wood, you need to let it dry thoroughly ahead of time. Therefore, you should never rush the process.

How Much Is Burl Wood Worth

So, how much is burl wood really worth? The truth of the matter is that it depends on several factors. First and foremost, you should know that the specific type of wood in question is going to make a big difference.

Walnut burl might be worth more than other types. This is just one thing to take into consideration. At the same time, you should know that the size of burl is going to make a huge difference. If the burl is very small, you’re probably going to get less out of it. You’ll want a bigger burl if you want to make yourself a lot more money.

It really depends on these factors. However, it is possible for burl wood to be worth as much as two hundred bucks. You should work with an appraiser to find out how precisely how much you’re going to end up paying or getting from the burl wood.

Types Of Burl Wood

Again, it is entirely possible to find burl wood of various types. There is not a singular type. Any wood can develop a burl. However, some wood tends to be more common than others.

California Buckeye is definitely one of the most common. If you want to get the best burls, you’ll want to look towards central California. You can also find walnut with burl wood.

If you find yourself near Arizona, you will definitely want to look for Desert Ironwood. This type of wood commonly develops burls.

Again, you can easily find burl wood. There is no singular type of wood that is going to develop burls. If you head out into the woods, you should keep an eye out for it. There is a good chance that you’ll be able to find some type of wood that contains burls.

Burl Projects

It is entirely possible to create an abundance of items using burl wood. You just need to find the right wood and go from there. As long as you’ve got the time and patience, you can pretty much create anything you put your mind to.

For instance, you can transform a piece of burl wood into wall décor. You can also turn a piece of burl wood into a necklace. This is definitely a good way to enhance your appearance. There are plenty of ways to use burl wood. Just use your imagination and go from there.

Do that and you’ll find many exciting ways to turn your burl wood into something cool.

The Frequency Of Burl

Now, you should take the time to learn about the frequency of burl wood. The truth of the matter is that burls are not very common. Even if you walk through a forest for hours, there is a real possibility that you’re not going to encounter any burls whatsoever.

Since burls are pretty rare, their price is going to increase to some degree. Nevertheless, there is something alluring about burl and this is why people are attracted to them so much. Keep this in mind when you find, buy or sell burl wood.


At the end of the day, burl wood is great. However, there are some problems associated with it. The biggest is the fact that burl wood is very rare. This is also going to increase its price to some degree.

Nevertheless, burl wood is really well worth it. It is entirely possible to use this type of wood for an abundance of purposes. You can use it for firewood, jewelry or art projects. Once you’ve got some burl wood, the possibilities are going to be pretty much endless. With that in mind, you should definitely consider buying burl wood in the future.

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