What Kills Rats Instantly:[Top 5 Ways To Get It Done]

If you are currently dealing with a rat infestation or have dealt with one in the past, you do not need anyone telling you what a nuisance the species is. They not only get in your food and destroy food supplies, but they’ll chew up your drywall and electrical wiring, making for some expensive home repairs.

On top of this, they are completely revolting. Just the sight of a rat is enough to send most people into a rage. And, they are in your kingdom. Your safe haven from the rest of the world.

The one place where you should feel the most relaxed and at ease. Well, despite what you might think, a rat infestation might not have anything to do with the fact that you’ve done something wrong.

Rats have been known to invade the cleanest and neatest of homes in search of warmth and heat. They can even invade new buildings, as it only takes a slight opening for them to squeeze their little bodies through.

That being said, if you’ve spotted rat in the home or office, it was most likely the roof rat or the Norway rat. Want to get rid of them as fast as possible?

Avoid The Poisons

Your first reaction, along with most peoples is to get some poison. This is completely understandable, but not the way to go. If you have kids or other pets in the home, you only run the risk of poisoning them.

Not only this, but what are you going to do with the bodies when dead? Did you know that these corpses could release diseases upon death?

They could and they’ll no doubt release a foul stench that nightmares are made of. What if the rat eats the poison you set out, scurries into the walls, and dies?

You’ll likely never be able to get to the body quick enough and you might end up having to punch holes in your drywall just to find it. Rats are larger than that of mice as well, so dealing with their bodies will be more of a challenge.

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Determine Point Of Entry

You can see right from the start that poison is not the way to go. This means your next course of action will be to consider how the critter is entering the home. And, this is something you’ll want to tackle rather quickly, given that rats are extremely social and reproduce faster than you’d ever imagine.

If you don’t approach the situation carefully, you could be looking at a whole home or office full of these little guys.

Rats by nature are opportunists and sly. In fact, there are some species that will sleep outside the building during the day and only enter at night in search of food.

There are the ones that will invade the home, but upon doing so, they’ll on inhabit areas where they can shy away from humans. Rats are smart enough to make sure they avoid human contact.

If you’ve already spotted one of two in the home, there is a reason for it.

They are after something and there is some way that they are getting in. It could be that you are just within the right proximity to an empty building across the way that serves as the perfect habitat, it could be that you are offering access to a food source, it could be your drainage pipes located beneath the home offering the perfect gateway, or it really could be any number of things.

That being said, rats only hang around if they can get water and food and feel comfortable breeding. You’ll first want to start by looking at cracks in the foundation or drainage pipes. Secondly, you’ll want to make sure that you are sealing off all potential food and water sources.

This might sound simple, but it is a colossal undertaking and sometimes requires the assistance of a professional eye.

Best Ways To Deal With Rats Instantly

What Kills Rats Instantly

When rats are in the home, you want them out immediately. You don’t want to be sitting around weeks at a time wondering if one is going to pop up or whether or not you’ve done your part to eliminate the infestation. No, you’ll want them gone right away, and you’ll want to be 100 percent sure they are good. Luckily, there are several methods you can use to do just this.

Traps – People have been using traps for years to eliminate rats infestations hastily. And, this is because it is one of the most effective and efficient methods out there. It still appears to be! However, rats are smarter than you might imagine. They’ll take the bait right off the hook and leave the trap engaged if you aren’t careful. You’ll want to make sure that you are placing traps in strategic locations throughout the home as well as making sure you are utilizing the right traps.

Snap Traps – Speaking of the right traps, you are probably familiar with those old traditional wooden snap traps. They clamp down on the rat instantly and kill it. Well, there is also now a newer plastic model available. It features sharp jaws, instead of a spring-loaded mechanism, to clamp down on the rat and kill it instantly. Either should work just fine as long as you are placing them strategically.

Live Traps – The live trap simple traps the rat inside and leaves you to deal with and dispose of the body in any manner that you see fit. A lot of people prefer this method because it is more humane and can be used over and over again, although the same could be said about the snap traps.

Glue Traps – If you are familiar with snap trap, you’ve likely seen glue traps as well. These traps basically just trap the rat as soon as he steps foot on the trap. These traps usually consist of a wooden or plastic platform coated with industrial glue that’ll trap the rat as soon as he steps on. These traps are considered more inhumane and can only get used once before being discarded, but there is no denying that they have proven effective over the years.

Electric Traps – If you are looking for a fast, electrocution death, look no further than the electric trap because that’s exactly what it’ll do. As son as the rat steps inside, he’ll receive a little jolt that stops his heart immediately. Some consider this humane, while others do not, but they are effective.

When Is It Best To Opt For Professionals

Professional pest control is always an option. These guys have been eliminating rats from residential and commercial settings for a number of years now, and likely won’t have a problem doing so in your situation.

If you want a guarantee, want the problem taken care of the first time around, and don’t want to have to deal with the hassle, you’ll likely want to turn to a professional. These guys can usually work around your schedule so you don’t have to worry about disrupting your daily or work life.


Just remember that getting rats out of the building or home is just half the battle. You’re also going to need to figure out how they are getting in and why they are coming in. This is probably the most difficult part and always worth an extra set of professional eyes.

However, if you know the right places to look and how to seal up foundation cracks, you can likely tackle the problem yourself and save a wad of cash in the process.

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