Where Are Husqvarna Chainsaws Made [Researched Results]

Well, a lot of people think they’re made in the USA. And I’m going to assume its because it’s one of the leading brands of chainsaws made. But they’re not made here, unfortunately.

Where are Husqvarna chainsaws made? Husqvarna is made in Sweden. Husqvarna does have manufacturing facilities in The USA, Latin America, Asia, and Europe with there main headquarters in Sweden. Husqvarna started out as a rifle manufacturing business and didn’t start making chainsaws till 1979.

You can learn more about there history here, Husqvarna History. If you want to learn more about there chainsaw history, check this link out, Husqvarna Chainsaw History.

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Who Is Husqvarna Owned By

Husqvarna was bought out in 1978 by a company called Electrolux. And sold off Husqvarna and it became Husqvarna Group (Link to company website). And to the best of my research abilities, that is who owns them today.

Husqvarna was founded in the 1690s, so they been around a long time!

Best Husqvarna Chainsaw Ever Made

This is going to be a tough one! In my opinion, its the Husqvarna 440, but I’m biased! They are known for bad fuel lines and carb problems and, unfortunately, mine was no different. But since I switched to non-ethanol gas, I haven’t had any problems since.

That one, for me, is my personal pick. But, looking online in forums, That’s not the one everybody raves about. The online world loves the Husky 372xp original. It’s a beast at 70.7cc. With that said, I never ran one but would love to. Here is a video for it, so you can see for yourself.


So I hope I was able to help your information quest out a little bit. Researching this took some doing! At the end of the day, I wouldn’t say I’m 100% right with all the info provided but I’m 95% sure it’s correct.

We loved Huskys around here ever since I can remember. I always think of Paul Harvey when I hear Husqvarna, they used to sponsor his show. I might have just dated myself, oops. Anyway, that’s why I call my 440, Paul 🙂 Yes I named my chainsaw. And that is the rest of the story… Good Day!

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