Who Makes Remington Chainsaws: [Answered & More]

Remington chainsaws were most recently manufactured in China and imported by a Tempe, Arizona company. In 2016, the company’s chainsaws were manufactured by Zhejiang Pioneer Machinery & Electron Company of China.

Then, they were imported by MTD SouthwestOpens in a new tab., which is based out of Tempe, Arizona.


Arthur Mall launched his own small power tool company in 1921. The company was located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In the early days, the company focused solely on building electrical and gasoline-powered saws and drills.

During this time, the company developed a good reputation for building dependable tools. This resulted in the company spreading and becoming much more popular.

The very first Remington chainsaw was released in 1954. Today, the company makes many different types of power tools including pole saws, chainsaws, trimmers, blowers, and even cultivators.

If you’re going to be working outside in the lawn, there is a good chance that you’ll need help from a power tool. Look no further than Remington. In all likelihood, they’ll have exactly what you need at the prices that you prefer.

December 2016 Recall

The truth of the matter is that all companies are going to have problems from time to time. Remington is no different. This company was forced to recall their gasoline chainsaws in December of 2016.

The chainsaws were recalled because there was a risk that they could leak fuel. That could eventually lead to a fire hazard.

The risks were minimal, but the company did everything humanly possible to protect their customers. In total, it was estimated that roughly 8,000 Remington chainsaws were recalled at that time.

During this time, the chainsaws were sold at Mid-States Distribution Company, Lowe’s, Farmer’s Furniture, and Bi-Mart. They were also available online at Lowes.com and Amazon.

Should You Buy A Remington Chainsaw

So, are you considering purchasing a Remington chainsaw? The truth of the matter is that the company has had a few past blunders. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t stop you.

The company’s chainsaws are mainly good and their prices are excellent. In fact, it is really tough to beat the prices on these chainsaws. Plus, they’re easily accessible.

You shouldn’t have to look too far. You can shop in person or online. Just keep an eye on recalls just in case and you should be satisfied with your new chainsaw.

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